Good Food, LIVE Music, and some amazing conversations!:-

Art is at the heart of what we do. As the leading fine-dining restaurant that promotes the culture of good and healthy food, we are passionate about cuisines, cultures, and couture.

Be it our music, our interiors, our kitchen, or our chef (read artists), we believe that perfection can be simplified through relentless pursuit. Molecular gastronomy, a customized six-course set menu, personalized customer-centric service, and rich and warm European interiors - we lead from the front with a single-minded intent to give our customers a unique experience.

Our menu - a perfect fusion of European, Oriental, and Indian delicacies - stands out for its simplicity and yet leaves a mark for the unique twist we give to each delicacy. So, every time you decide to dine with us, you become part of our journey of exploring unique culinary traditions.