Android Applications

If you have come to this page, we assume you are interested in mobile applications, especially the Android platform. In fact, you might be having a great innovative idea on mind, and want to take it to the world. Not just for the sake of satisfying your hunger to show your idea to the world, but you can even make huge money on it, if it has substance in it.
An idea may not necessarily cater to all the people. It can also be specific to your organisation, employees, or for your operational purposes.
If an idea is the soul of application, we are here to transform that soul into a life, by giving it an appearance.
Some of the domains we have worked on, and where clients have shown interests are:
    Integrated contacts
    Social Networking Services such as Facebook and Twitter.
    Internet content management.
    Embedded audio, video files in the application.
    Automatic E-mailing, SMSing.
    Accelerometer and magnetometer
    Location Based tools.
We believe that an idea should not get restricted due to the lack of technology. We are always ready to expand our potential and give the best possible product to our client. We follow industrial benchmarked practices and processes to deliver projects on time and within budget with high performance throughput.
Please contact us if you think you have an innovative idea which can make a difference, or if you think your idea is better than ones. If you have nothing on mind right now, you may just say 'Hi' in our Visitors book.